everyday stillness

These photographs are collectively reflecting on everyday stillness, quiet solitude and mystery, with an element of comfort and familiarity. Using a realistic style, strong composition and dramatic values, I turn simple still life arrangements into poetic, romantic and lonely art pieces. I am not interested solely in the surface appearance of things, but prefer to include their inner structural and emotional core, their density of form and feeling. I personally see spiritual significance in this density of matter – there is something timeless, immortal and surprising about it.

Image “Morning Ode to My Younger Self” received Best of Show award.

Judge’s comment- This piece captures the essence and simplicity of the fleeting thoughts of breakfast. The image invites you in to examine the remains of the curious bits of food left and to wonder if the spoon will take flight. The viewer is open to reminisce about their younger days. The techniques of light and composition are beautiful and enhance the experience of the comfort of home and meal time.