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gabriela guganovic

  • gabriela guganovica is a native hungarian artist, born in former yugoslavia currently living and working in chicago, usa. she exhibits in the United States and Europe. was shortlisted in the top 20 images for the Life Framer online international photo competition, named as a finalist for 8th editions of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award and also for LENS International Juried Photography Exhibition. her work has been featured in different art magazines in Europe and published in a US book BEST OF PHOTOGRAPHY by Photographer’s Forum magazine. gabriela’s recent still life series is featured in Muybridge’s Horse online art magazine and her Portrait of a Woman as a Mother series in Umstandslos feminst magazine. some of her work being represented by AppletonArt Design.


  • “I think the strength in your work in general comes from your unusual way of seeing things. You seem to really like to push the viewer to see things in a different way… This is great and a wonderful way of using photography. You have what it takes, I think, to be a photographer. I say this both because of your visual acuity, but also because of your tendency towards hard work and the fact that you don’t seem to “let go” once you get going. You keep on going until it’s just what you want and that sense of perfectionism will carry you far.” – Jeff Curto
  • “You are ready to push yourself and experiment with different genres. This will serve you well in Photography. You have a distinct point of view that you are trying to convey, that makes your photography very unique and interesting.” – Miles Boone


  • winner of Insider Magazine’s photo competition in warsaw, poland 2000
  • published in warsaw Insider magazine poland 2000
  • published in HID art magazine, serbia 2013
  • published on the cover of PALOCFOLD art magazine, hungary
  • honorable mention at annual juried art exhibit, cleve carney art gallery, illinois
  • published in a book BEST OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2014 by Photographer’s Forum magazine for an emerging photographer, usa
  • honorable mention at juried art exhibit, bloomingdale museum, illinois
  • award of merit at kavanagh gallery, illinois
  • shortlisted in the top 20 images for Life Framer theme 6: ANIMAL KINGDOM, online photo competition
  • finalist of the 8th editions of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award
  • 2nd runner up of the LENS 2016 International Juried Photography Exhibition
  • award of excellence at norris gallery “fly away!” show
  • award of excellence at norris cultural arts center “vicinity” show
  • best of show award at kavanagh gallery “hygge” exhibit
  • honorable mention at norris cultural art center “vicinity” show


    •   “the lovely bones” group exhibition, wings art gallery, illinois 2012
    •   “as we see it” group exhibition, gallery 200, illinois 2013
    •   “chicago topolyai szemmel” solo exhibit, serbia 2013
    •   “snap to grid” group exhibit, los angeles center of digital art, california 2013
    •   “annual juried art exhibit” cleve carney art gallery, illinois 2014
    •   “through my lens” juried show, arterie fine arts, illinois 2014
    •   “once upon a country- volt egyszer egy orszag- bila jednom jedna zemlja” solo exhibit, serbia 2014
    •   “what’s black and white and re[a]d all over?” group exhibit, next gallery, IL 2014
    •   “more, but different…” group exhibit, next gallery, IL 2014
    •   “rise and shine” group exhibit, ArtSpace Gallery, IL 2014
    •   “sky’s the limit” group exhibit, Bloomingdale Museum, IL 2014
    •   “indulgence” group exhibit, Kavanagh Gallery, IL 2015
    •   “Feminism (n.): Plural” group exhibit, Woman Made Gallery, IL 2015
    •   “Unpredictable” group exhibit, Kavanagh Gallery, IL 2015
    •    pop up gallery show, Next Gallery, IL 2015
    •    “Vicinity” Norris Art Center, IL 2015
    •    “feast for the eyes” Art in Bartlett, IL 2015
    •    “fly away” norris art center, IL 2016
    •    “Out of Bounds” fine line creative art center, IL 2016
    •    LENS 2016 International Juried Exhibition, IL 2016
    •    “attention to detail” Juried Mixed Media Exhibition, Bloomingdale Museum, IL 2016
    •    still life: “the ordinary made extraordinary” permanent online gallery, PhotoPlace Gallery, Vermont 2016
    •    30th Women’s Works International Fine Art Show, IL 2017
    •    Inaugural Art Gallery at Pheasant Run Resort, St Charles IL 2017
    •    Art Al Fresco group exhibit Old Court House Art Center, 2017
    •    featured artist at Old Court House Art Center, 2017
    •   “vicinity” group exhibition, norris art center, IL 2017
    •   WINTER SOLSTICE group exhibition, old court house art center, woodstock, IL 2017
    •   winter group exhibit, SCAC’s Street and Loft Galleries, IL 2017
    •   making the virtual a reality, group exhibit South x Southeast Gallery, Georgia 2018
    •   Hygge – Creating Sanctuary, group exhibit, Kavanagh Gallery, IL 2018
    •   “vicinity” group exhibition, norric cultural arts center, IL 2018
    •   Up Close and Personal, group exhibit Norris Arts Center, IL 2019
    •   32st Women’s Works International Fine Art Show, IL 2019
    •   Kavanagh Gallery Fine Art Show, IL 2019


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